Career Opportunities for Massage Therapists

Explore endless possibilities through courses with Discover Massage Australia or The Academy of Natural Therapy if you're looking for a career change let them help you begin your path into the rewarding field of massage therapy.

Career Opportunities for Massage Therapists

Masseurs have the option to work in a private consultation, set their own schedule and serve a select clientele. Alternatively, they can work at a massage center, day spa, or hotel, relieving guest stress. Hospitals and rehabilitation centers also hire massage therapists to help with physical therapy and pain management. If you are interested in treatment options, you may eventually decide to pursue higher education, such as a graduate degree in comprehensive health.

Physiotherapy is related to massage therapy, but the minimum educational level is set much higher. A degree in physical therapy requires about three years of graduate study, making it a more viable avenue if you already have a degree. Flexible class schedules and start times can allow you to finish your studies in as little as six months or a year. You'll need to complete an approved massage therapy program to get a state license.

These programs require 500 hours or more of training and offer diplomas or career certificates. Day spas and wellness centers are often considered the “traditional” line of work for massage therapists, meaning that working in them is one of the top career options for a massage therapist. Daytime work at the spa is fantastic for those looking for consistency in work and a relaxed, well-maintained environment that allows for camaraderie among co-workers. Customers go to day spas to let themselves be pampered and relax.

This can make for a satisfying career, as you help clients take a break from their busy lives and allow them to enjoy. Training as a spa therapist will allow you to work in day spas, wellness retreats, beauty salons and resorts anywhere in Australia. Because of this, spa massage therapists enjoy a wide range of career opportunities and career progression in a number of specializations, such as aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage and traditional Swedish massage. Most cruise ships offer onboard day spas for travelers.

If you have experience in the hotel industry or simply love to travel, training as a massage therapist can open the door to a career in which you can work on cruise ships all over the world. One of the biggest advantages of training in massage therapy is that it gives you the flexibility to work from home or work for yourself. This allows you to create your own loyal customer base, work from home, and be your own boss. Many masseuses choose to “move” with their skills and manage a mobile massage therapy service.

Mobile massage takes the traditional massage service anywhere, allowing clients who are too busy or unable to physically attend a massage clinic in person to receive treatment. Usually, as a mobile masseuse, you are self-employed. However, there are massage clinics and day spas that use mobile services, allowing you to work independently while representing the company. A mobile massage therapist can attend offices, client residences, weddings, parties, or nursing homes.

When a mobile masseur visits their clients on site, they must bring their equipment with them. Cameron Aubrey has more than 20 years of experience in the massage industry and leads the team as course director at Discover Massage Australia. Cameron has a diploma in corrective massage and his experience covers a wide range of massage techniques, in particular sports, Swedish and full body massage. These include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, acupressure, sports and neuromuscular massage, to name just a few.

As a masseuse myself I can set my own schedule and earn a living while caring for my husband, children and parents. Massage therapists not only practice and perform therapeutic massages but they can also administer them for health, fitness and corrective purposes. Deep tissue massage training is recommended for mobile masseurs especially when visiting corporate offices. Masseurs are hired as employees and are entitled to paid holidays starting salary discounts on hotels and services expanded health insurance working from home is also great way to earn additional income and support your masseuse's training while learning how to run your own business.

Start your journey today and explore endless career possibilities through courses with Discover Massage Australia or The Academy of Natural Therapy if you're looking for a career change let them help you begin your path into the rewarding field of massage therapy many athletes and sports franchises are hiring massage therapists to help them recover rehabilitate their bodies maintain peak performance often they had undergone an exfoliant or wrap that shone with salt before receiving treatment making deeper tissues more accessible more responsive this makes career in massage therapy extremely viable certificate can take almost anywhere massages more often included treatment plans than previous decades insurance companies more likely cover services soon after graduating from school when I finally found time recreational reading I discovered Anthony Guglielmo's The Walrus on My Table co-authored with Cara Lynn I was immediately seduced by his chronicles transition from human practice clientele that included kyphotic penguin elderly dolphins racehorses walrus that had lost ability swim due hypertonic muscles.

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